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Location Based Mobile Advertising


Our Geofencing advertising program allows you to delivery highly-targeted digital ads to your potential customers based on places they go, such as your competitor’s locations, your own store location or to events they attend. 

Use Location-based marketing to expand your audience and increase brand awareness.

Location based or Geo-fencing mobile advertisement means your Ad displays within a specific radius of a given target. Through our proven technology, your ad will display on mobile app users within distance of whatever location you specify, whether it’s your own place of business, a competitor’s location, conference or even a particular postal code. Targeting starts at a 1-Km radius and then expands outward based on your specifications

We use a sophisticated Algorithm system to display your mobile ad on thousands of top apps including CBC News, ABC news, AccuWeather etc.
Once your ad is running, any mobile user opening one of these apps within your specified area, will see your mobile ad display on his screen

Your ad will display on thousands
of top Apps and sites including

Examples of Geofencing campaigns:


You can now advertise to potential new home buyers who are visiting your competitor’s communities, open houses and real estate offices.



Get even more return on trade show events by Geofencing the hosting space to reach your target audience while they are on-site and up to 30 days later. 


Competitor locations can be geofenced to draw customers into your store or website, or geofence your own stores to drive repeat business.



Use your database to target household addresses and businesses – up to 1 million physical addresses! Gain repeat business and advertise to qualified leads with your existing customer and prospect mailing lists.



Step 1

After sign-up, receive a call from an Account Manager to finalize details of your mobile ad campaign.


We will design and code the banner ad for your business

Step 3

Your ad will be displayed thousands of times a month on thousands of top apps

Step 4

Start receiving calls, in store visits and more. Plus, you can review your campaign’s performance with your monthly analytics report.

What will my ad look like
and Where will the ad show?

• Your ad will appear as a banner ad at the bottom of a mobile app. We have access to thousands of popular apps used by millions of users     across  US and Canada
• The ad will have a title (left), description (right) and an image/logo if you choose.
• It is a “live” ad which scrolls between the title and description catching the eye of the user.
• Your mobile ad will display as a banner ad across the bottom of popular apps being used in the city, town, postal/zip code or location you     choose to target. No matter which app gets used, your ad will be shown to people using the app and ONLY when they are at the location zone   you choose.
• Clicks to your ad will go to your website or your business Facebook page or any other web page you choose.


Once we create your custom mobile ad, our platform will launch the custom-made ads through thousands of popular apps, where people receive the ads while using different apps. You can pick any town / city or specific address or building in the US or Canada, to promote your business. As soon as you launch, your ad will start appearing on thousands of smartphone apps ranging from news to weather to games.


Package 1

Just $499/month $399/month

Any location/address in US or Canada
Custom geographic radius from 1 km outward
Up to 30,000 monthly ad views
(i.e. 1000 ad views per day)


Package 2

Just $799/month $649/month

Any location/address in US or Canada
Custom geographic radius from 1 km outward
Up to 60,000 monthly ad views 
(i.e. 2000 ad views per day)

94% of Consumers conduct their searches on mobile devices on the go, Make sure your business reach them at the time and place they most conducive to respond

Customers reviews

Faxtarget is indeed an Excellent Digital Marketing group. We tried their Geo-Fencing service on couple of our stores and the results were excellent. Convert me to a regular user of their services. Highly recommended
Adam Viceroy
Vp- Blinds and Shades
Geo-Fencing help us bring our customers back and target our competitors location with discount ad. Very happy with Faxtarget service and performance.
Mila Crunis
Merchandising Manager - Claire's-
Mobile advertisement with faxtarget Marketing works for us very well. Instead of lawn signs - we tried geo-fencing and what a difference it made. Now we can target neighborhoods by postal code. What a game changer. welcome to the digital world of advertising.
Mike Spence
Manager - Lawnsavers


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