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From the humbling beginning 20 years ago to current day, we have seen and been through many changes, but one thing stayed constant – our dedication and loyalty to provide the best service possible to our loyal customers and that is the reason we last so long and why our business grow each year.
We can help your organization or company to:

• Grow and manage your company exposure and online presence

• Increase your company reach with smart mobile advertising

• Find new customers

• Communicate more effectively with your own customers or potential ones.

Look at us as your marketing partner with way over 20 years of cumulative Marketing experience with one passion and vision – to help your business GROW.
Try any of our services and you will become one of our many long term and satisfied customers


and all our work is 100% GUARANTEED



Why are WE different?

Our company mandate is to share our skills, experience, and resources with our clients to ensure that they receive not only the best in product and service, but also, value and results from our business relationship. We truly believe in superior service. that means WE GUARANTEE ALL OUR WORK, so there is no need for you to think twice.
We perform all the work and precisely to your specifications. YOU CONCENTRATE ON RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS.
As a customer, you will be given priority care by our specialized team who truly care for your success and are here to serve you. We will bend backward to make sure you are satisfied and become one of our many repeat customers.
65% of our customers are REPEAT CUSTOMERS!

We will bend backward for our customers

Our Awesome Team

We Cover All the Bases

We are more than a marketing agency or a branding company or a web development firm. Over the years we serve our customers in many marketing capacities, and we gained valuable knowledge and sense of what works in the market. Use our experience to your company’s advantage… Talk to us…

We Prioritize Customization

No two businesses are alike which means no two marketing strategies or services are going to be the same. Our team at Faxtarget Communications is committed to focusing our combined expertise of nearly 30 years on creating a custom-designed marketing solution for your business. We understand your need to be unique and are passionate about equipping you with the tools necessary to set your business apart from others.

We Listen

We go beyond approaching your marketing needs with a one-size-fits-all method. We take the time to run a detailed assessment of your business before moving forward with the optimal solution for you. We listen to your concerns, your ideas, and your goals. We offer solutions that are aligned with your short and long-term marketing plans and we implement a strategy that captures the essence of your business


Rather than selling you a generic marketing package that may or may not help your business grow, we are a far more interested in being your partner in success. Our business only succeeds when you succeed. Trust us – We are fully committed to make your business grow and our over 20 years in business and our many regular customers is our testament.

From Our Clients

What a great team are the people at Faxtarget I work with them for several years and i am so happy. They made my website, Did fax ads with them, they do my Blog posting and Social Media and i also used their Geo-Fencing.  Very satisfied with their services

Michelle Skolnik

Partner, MS Interiors

Used the Folks at faxtarget to redesign our website and for SEO services, I initially tried the listings services then graduated to a full SEO audit and service. My ranking increased 10 times, Excellent service. 

Andrea Nahaev

operation Director, MNP consulting

I Was skeptical initially to work with Faxtarget but as time went by, their charatcter came throguh. Used them for many SEO services including Citation, reputation management etc. THey are an exxcellent and reliable provider

Rashid Muhmudul

Partner, RMS Auto

I Used Faxtarget to redo my website – what a difference and such an amazing boost in ranking. So very happy with their work and service. 

Sue Ewer

Blogger, Designer Swap

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